Alper Utku Founding Partner &President of Board of Directors, Management Centre Türkiye (MCT)

In this book, the success strategies of ‘agile’ corporations are analyzed. It explains how to change people, technology, processes, structure, and culture in order to become an agile corporation. Tom Buzan and Michael Gelb, the famous authors of the world of management, have provided their special opinions for the book. Management authorities like Acar Baltas and Arman Kirim, and attack practitioners like Ahmet N. Zorlu have explained their recommendations. Causes, symptoms and solutions of corporate inertia, and the strategies of ‘inertia-evader’ leaders are all in this book. Stimulating suggestions to beat corporate inertia are also included in the book. “Punish the one who does not do anything, more than the one who makes a mistake.” “Keep your hopes high, and your expenses low.” “Every work experience has an expiration date.” Business life is getting faster. You are either going to be one of those who kick up a dust, or those who swallow it. Choice is yours!

Manager’s Lunch-Box

Tanyer Sönmezer Shareholder & Senior Partner, Management Centre Türkiye (MCT)

An unmatched guide from Tanyer Sönmezer, Senior Partner of Management Centre Türkiye, who provides consulting to the leading companies of Turkey’s business world. If you were to have a lunch-box with you to use when you need to, and in it there were 33 ‘food for thought’… A lunch-box, inside which you can find things to munch on throughout the day… But especially at 15:21. This guidebook filled with short and precise advice brings in the key to success in the business world with utterly different ideas.

Manager’s Backpack

Tanyer Sönmezer Shareholder & Senior Partner, Management Centre Türkiye (MCT)

Management Centre Türkiye’s Senior Partner, who provides consulting services to the leading companies in the Turkish business world, Tanyer Sönmezer presents a creative work that offers a plain point of view to the Turkish managers. Regardless of the fact that you are at the beginning, in the middle, or in your golden years, he gives you the key to success in the business world through novel methods and concepts. Everyone who identified management as their ideal must have such a backpack.

Human Resources that Add Life

Most Real Stories, Leaders' Cafe

The Leaders’ Cafe is a place where leaders who handle human resources with passion, and seek ways to overcome the difficulties that human resources professionals encounter by discussing and sharing opinions. The participants of this platform, which undertake everything regarding human resources, established the theme of the 13th Human Resources Summit while they conducted 10-month of studies. As a result of these studies, in which answers to questions such as why can’t we reach peace and happiness even though we work so hard for them, why do we still dream about moving to a small seaside town, why do we consume this fast, why do we live, the values that gave life to corporations are shared as the most authentic, most up-to-date, and most real cases during the 13th Human Resources Summit. In this book, you will read these authentic stories, and get acquainted with human resources that add life…

It Takes Mastery to Uncover Performance

Most Real Stories, Leaders' Cafe

Leaders’ Cafe is a professional platform on human resources management formed by leading managers. The Leader’s Cafe still produces its own group work model and approaches. Members of this platform are producing projects on human resources management, researching and preparing the content of Turkey’s largest management summit, the Human Resources Summit. The platform does not have a president, or a board of directors. The members continue their work with annually formed working groups. With this method, every year there are approximately 25 professional research studies, and many more presentations coming out of the Leaders’ Cafe. We hope that you will enjoy reading the studies in the book called “It Takes Mastery to Uncover Performance – Most Real Stories”, which is a compilation of these studies.