Mine Kobal Ok

‘’Totally after 20 years of experience in finance, retail, training/ consulting and pharmaceutical industries I joined to Management Center Türkiye (MCT), because of two things: the people that I can learn something from each and secondly the challenge of constant development.’’


Following her graduation from Istanbul Erkek Lisesi, Mine Kobal Ok studied Economics at Marmara University in English. After three years of experience in banking industry at Corporate Marketing she joined Global Business Management Program at University of California Los Angeles in 1999. Afterwards she changed her career path and moved to human resources area, to be able to work closely with people and to touch their stories.

Since 1999 as a consultant she has taken an active role in designing and implementing deveopment projects days in various industries locally and in foreign countries. Before joining MCT as Project Solutions Manager, she was responsible for Training & Devolopment and as well as Marketing Excellence functions at Abbott Laboratories.

In 2010-2011 she designed and instructed “Business Communication with a Coaching Approach” course at İzmir University of Economics for MBA students. She is a member of International Coaching Federation and accredited professional coach. 

She is the author of “Jung Koçluk Yapsaydı” (What if Jung were a Coach)

Fields of Expertise

  • Project Management 
  • Organizational Development & Systems Thinking
  • Coaching and Change Management
  • Training the Trainer

Current Areas of Interest

She is working on her new book on "curiosity" as the key factor that triggers growth in professional life. üzerinde çalışmaktadır.