Didem Gürcüoğlu Tekay

Shareholder & Senior Partner

“To help others achieve their goals is one of my top professional priorities. I have set it as a principle to serve individuals, teams, and organizations with my whole knowledge and experience. Throughout my MCT journey, I have gained new experience and knowledge, which have allowed me to change and thrive in my profession. I am striving to share my experiences with the shareholders and enable professionals to work in better organizations.”

Didem Gürcüoğlu Tekay who is the Senior Partner and Shareholder of Management Centre Türkiye (MCT), served as Managing Partner between 2014-2019, she started her professional career in retail. She trained and consulted many international companies and helped them improve their service and product quality. Tekay, who is the founding director of the MCT Training and Consultancy Department, took the lead in change and development projects of many companies in many different industries ranging from finance and medicine to fast moving consumption and telecommunications in Turkey and across the Middle East and Eastern Europe. She actively participated in forging and advancing international partnerships as well as business and human resources management.

Tekay, believes that organizations depend on corporate relationships and what increases the level of self-awareness is one’s own willingness. She was listed in the Forty over 40’s 2015 list of women leaders and continues to mentor women who are in their 20s and 30s. Tekay is also one of the 50 female mentees in the Women on Boards program, an initiative launched to ensure that more women are assigned to top decision-making positions at Turkey’s top corporations. Tekay graduated from Istanbul Technical University and received her master’s degree on Coaching, Consulting and Leadership in Organizations (MCCLO) from Middlesex University.

A firm believer in the “right here and now” philosophy, Tekay continues to inspire individuals, teams, and organizations to elevate their level of awareness. She is a regular contributor to the Management Centre Türkiye (MCT)’s blog where she writes about change and professional development.