Cihan Karamık

I'm after the power that gets me out of bed in the morning. I met the Management Center Turkey (MCT) family while tracing what Robinson calls "Oz" and what the Japanese call "Ikigai". I said this is my place, this should be my job; It is a job that makes me happy, that I believe I can do well, that I can gain value when I do it, and on top of that, it coincides with what people expect from me. I discovered this at MCT; in his mission, what he did and what he plans to do. Under the umbrella of MCT, I believe that our paths will cross in some way with anyone who pursues their life purpose and wants to discover and use their full potential.


Cihan Karamık graduated from Middle East Technical University, Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering in 1995. He completed the Executive MBA program at Sabancı University. He received Leadership and Entrepreneurship training at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology). He is currently pursuing his doctoral studies in Business Administration. He served as a senior manager at Schneider Electric for many years. He has worked in sales, marketing, project development, strategic planning, designing and executing business efficiency programs, public relations and market impact activities, energy efficiency and sustainability consulting. He shared the company's messages on energy efficiency and sustainability with the market as a company spokesperson. Completed trainer's training programs in leadership skills and sales management at Mind Gym and Richardson. He provided trainings on leadership skills such as performance coaching, inclusive leadership and giving feedback to managers at various levels within the company, and trainings such as consultant sales, price negotiations and communication skills to sales personnel. He directed the «Common sense» programs organized to increase cooperation between departments. Conducted strategic plan development studies. With a decision taken at the beginning of 2020, KT Consulting established the consultancy firm “Keep Transforming”. Nowadays, it aims to bring together the belief of continuing the transformation that it started with its own business life, by blending it with its knowledge and experience. In addition, he actively carries out his duties as the Chairman of the Board of EYODER (Energy Efficiency and Management Association) and the Deputy Chairman of the Energy Working Group of SKD (Sustainable Development Association).

Fields of Expertise

  • Leadership Skills
  • Sales Management
  • Sales Operations Efficiency
  • Strategic Planning
  • Creating a Market Impact Plan
  • Professional Coaching
  • Mentoring
  • Relationship management with Personality Profile Analysis

Current Areas of Interest

Karamık, who has the CTI Co-Active Coaching certificate, is currently working in the field of employee coaching. He mentors the employees in the field of career planning. He comes together with university youth and guides them in preparing for professional business life. Recently, he has concentrated on his doctoral studies, and has prepared two articles that examine the effect of job control given to employees on job performance depending on the leadership style, and also examine the survival strategies of SMEs.