Cem Önce

My reason for being in “Management Center Turkey (MCT); Using my experience in finance, sales, marketing, strategy and planning over 25 years, I offer my "helicopter perspective" to the benefit of companies and as a person who believes that people are the most valuable capital, as a companion for company employees in making their career journeys more productive for both themselves and the company. to support.”


After graduating from Kabataş High School for Boys, Cem First graduated from METU/Economics department in 1989. After working for one year at TEB (Turkish Economy Bank), which was his first job experience, he transferred to Mobil Oil company in 1991 and started to work in the Accounting department. Later, he worked in the Internal Audit department. In 1996, with the merger of Mobil Oil and BP, he transferred to the BP company. After 10 years of finance experience, he moved to Sales and Marketing department with a radical decision. Within BP; He held senior management positions in Strategy, Planning, Performance, Sales and Marketing departments. Between 2005 and 2013, he simultaneously served as a member of the BP Gaz Board of Directors. In 2013, he managed the project of selling BP's Turkey LPG business.

Between 2013 and 2016, he worked as the General Manager of PETGAZ LPG company established by OTECO. During this period, he served as the Chairman of the Autogas Committee and a member of the Turkish LPG Association in TOBB.

He completed various management trainings at INSEAD.

Believing that life actually multiplies by sharing, he gives trainings on "Strategy and Leadership" and "Managing Sales" with the desire to share the knowledge and experience he gained in a quarter of a century. He is an instructor at Istanbul Business School (IBS).

In addition to consultancy and mentoring services to companies, he also provides individual coaching.

Under the roof of “mentoreffect”, it provides Startup Mentoring to new entrepreneurs.

He is the co-founder and Board Member of “Angel Effect”, an investment fund.

He is a mentor approved by TÜBİTAK and provides mentoring services to SMEs within the scope of the TÜBİTAK/BIGG project. He mentors "startup" and "levelup" companies in techno cities within the body of TIM-TEB Entrepreneurship and manages institutionalization programs.

In addition, he is a member of EMCC and TKYD Associations and takes part in various subgroups of these organizations.

He still continues his duty as the General Secretary of the Turkish LPG Association, which he started in May 2018.

Cem Önce, who is interested in poetry, has a poetry book called “Mavi Güncemin's Daughter”.

Fields of Expertise

  • Strategy and Leadership
  • Reconstruction
  • Senior Mentoring
  • Performance Management
  • Employee Development
  • Helicopter Viewpoint

Current Areas of Interest

With the angel investor hat, he wants to create benefits by communicating with the digital ecosystem, more entrepreneurs, angel network and mutual fund. It tries to help SMEs, Turkey's largest commercial size, to internalize corporate concepts with their internal dynamics. It also supports senior and mid-level employees on their career journeys to success by walking side by side with them, with less hassle.