Management Centre Türkiye

We Believe

We Believe

People are composed of the totality of the mind, body and spirit.

Every person possesses boundless potential.

Individual development begins with the discovery of learning.

The first step in development is the individual taking responsibility for his or her own development and creating an area of application.

Managers balance the focus between tasks and relationships.

Every manager can release the potential of his or her team.

The development of a manager begins with knowing himself or herself and the team.

The first step in being a manager is to be experienced in up-to-date management tools and to be relationship-focused.

Leadership is a process based on relationships.

Every leader is empowered by the effects of existence and purpose.

The development of a leader begins with awareness.

The first step in a leadership culture is the emergence of an inspiring ‘role model’ figure.

Organizations emerge from dialogues.

Every organization is comprised of the web of relationships and interactions of people.

The transformation of organizations begin with a change in dialogue.

Leaders taking responsibility for their personal transformation is the first step in cultural transformation.