Management Centre Türkiye



Performance-oriented solutions we present to the pharmaceuticals

Leadership Development

  • We are nurturing leaders, who discuss, share, and change old habits in accordance to the future of the pharmaceutical world
  • We are strengthening leader-team loyalty through workshops, field research, and true to life examples
  • We are transforming management skills into leadership

Climate and Change Management

  • We are accelerating your transition from product-centered understanding to client-centered understanding
  • By organizing group studies and sharing platforms, we are enabling you to embrace the spirit of change
  • We are giving sustainability to your solutions

Competency and Skills Development

  • We are drawing road maps that will improve the competency of employees
  • We are helping you to establish performance assessments that can make efficiency analysis at every stage
  • We are making tailor-made analysis possible

Efficiency and Competency Management

  • We are placing efficacy and efficiency in every area of your business activities
  • We are making it easier for you to effectively manage your sales channels, and sub communities
  • We are ensuring you can establish creative career solutions

What do you gain?

  • Measurable and scalable performance
  • Sales efficiency
  • Stable brand image in a market under the influence of regulation
  • Field sales staff resistant to negative market sales feedback
  • Sustainability power
  • Efficient performance management process

And many more…