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MCT Interim Management Solutions

MCT Interim Management Solutions

mct_interim_logoMCT Interim Management Solutions in partnership with EIM Global offer global solutions to help their customers to close successfully strategic initiatives and projects such as new markets opening, accelerated growth, operational performance improvement and managerial skills introduction in companies when execution speed and management quality make the difference.

Management Centre Türkiye is a management consulting company offering “haute-couture” business consulting services. Executive Interim Management (EIM) was established in 1989 by the leading executive search firm Egon Zehnder and the Dutch management consultancy Boer & Croon, which pioneered the concept of interim management in Europe. In the course of almost 25 years EIM have built a truly international pool of some 20,000 senior managers available at short notice and have accomplished 7,000 successful assignments, EIM expanded into 12 countries to become a worldwide leader in interim management solutions.

Interim Management Solutions

Interim management is a provision of management resources and skills of a proven expertise and seniority to manage a period of transition, crisis or change within an organisation. An Interim Manager is a profession for senior executives providing ‘value proposition’ for the customer organisations: Return on investment – Speed- Expertise – Objectivity- Accountability- Effectiveness – Commitment.


Fast access to expert management capabilities

Entrust your operations to one of our executive interim managers. Depending on your needs, our interim managers replace, supplement or coach your managers on a short- or long-term basis. Our interim managers have extensive practical experience across a broad range of functions and industries. Interim managers usually begin within days for project-based assignments or within weeks for a permanent replacement.

Highly qualified interim managers help you develop and execute practical strategies to navigate successfully through the change process. Each and every one has a solid track record of driving change through complexity in a positive direction. Plus each interim manager brings to the table: broad operational experience; knowledge of a specific industry, market or country; particular skills in a functional area; and expertise in delivering results for similar types of assignments.

Solutions for private equity

MCT Interim enhances value by providing the best management solution at every phase of a private equity transaction: evaluating a potential portfolio company, building a portfolio company and selling a portfolio company.

First, in evaluating a potential portfolio company, its management and operations, the challenge is often to obtain intrinsic and unique proprietary information to best assess present and future enterprise value. MCT Interim provides talented experts with appropriate business knowledge who will assess the management team, the operational processes and the specific business issues, sometimes with experience from within the portfolio company.

Secondly, in owning a portfolio company, MCT Interim assists by providing executive resourcing for performance improvement or turnaround solutions. Interim or permanently placed executives provided by MCT Interim support, coach or replace the management team at short notice, when time is critical.
Finally, in selling a portfolio company the management team often needs to be balanced for best value results at exit. In short, MCT Interim offers management solutions to prepare for a listing or management to help out in the exit transaction itself. Finally, MCT Interim makes sure that management is aligned with the owner’s and/or seller’s agenda.

Performance improvement, Fast results with maximum impact

Interim Management improves business performance when:

  • Reinvigorate an underperforming company, business unit, factory or operational function.
  • Meet investor expectations for a substantial increase in the value of the business.
  • Improve results to ensure the success of an exit or IPO.
  • Increase profits, reduce costs, raise efficiency, or reduce working capital.
  • Enter new markets, channels or specialty areas, or open offices or manufacturing facilities overseas.
  • Find additional resources to manage or carry out the work at hand.
  • Manage a major acquisition or merger, or prepare a carve-out.

Business Transformation

Our pool of experienced managers have a successful track record of driving through changes arising from restructuring, re-organisation, mergers and acquisitions or accelerated growth.

Significant experience of managing substantial structural change in business situations such as:

  • Financial stress or distress
  • Declining profitability
  • Insufficient resources to ensure the long-term future of the company
  • Declining business performance compared to competitors’ performance
  • Indecisive leadership faced with unexpected issues or new opportunities

We allocate experienced interim managers in place to lead change. Our Interim Managers accept individual or team appointments and assume various responsibilities, including CEO, CFO and CRO, within a fortnight. These individuals are prepared to replace or supplement your existing management team, working seamlessly across national borders if required.

Interim Manager

Trusted professionals with intrinsic business knowledge and broad industry experience. Commercially astute goal-oriented achievers. Our interim managers are clear-sighted pragmatists who exercise sound judgment to get the job done.

The following model can be extremely valuable in positioning interim management with potential clients for any performance improvement initiative usually has four phases:

  • Analysis – Working out what the real problem is and what the root causes of that problem are
  • Design – Looking for potential solutions and then selecting the most appropriate
  • Implementation – Implementing the solution, gaining the commitment of those involved and making all the necessary changes
  • Maintenance – Embedding this as the ‘new way’ of working whilst still looking for ways of continuously improving performance.

Interims on the other hand are seen more as implementers, rolling their sleeves up and making things happen. The real issue should be where the company is in the above process and what input/advice/guidance they need to make it work/speed things up. Then we can identify the right person to get involved based on their knowledge, skills, experience and their own desire to do the job.