Management Centre Türkiye

Keynote Speaker Solutions

Keynote Speaker Solutions

Alper Utku

  • Leading with a Heart
  • Spellcracker Ideas on Change and Leadership
  • Performance is Dialogue
  • On Leading Change
  • Leadership Inside Out
  • Open Heart Leadership

Didem Gürcüoğlu Tekay

  • One Step Ahead: The Presence of Women in Leadership
  • The Leadership of HR: Creating Human Resource Leadership in Organizations
  • Perspectives on Today and the Future: HR’s New Normal

Mehmet Namık Aydın

  • Management by Competencies: Positional Power vs. Competencies!
  • EQ & IQ : Are they Friends or  Enemies ?
  • Aptitude & Competence – Does Aptitude Ensure Competence?
  • How to Manage the New Generation of Employees by Competencies?

Mehmet Y. Özel

  • The 3 P’s of Leadership: Provocation, Potential and Performance
  • Love and Leadership
  • The Power of Authentic Leadership
  • Inside Out : Energetic Leadership

Tanyer Sönmezer

  • Being an Employee Brand
  • 2023 Trends
  • Business as a Talk Show
  • Attention! High Performance!
  • Do We Need Magic for Innovation Culture?
  • Leadership is a State of Mind
  • Angels and Demons
  • Rainmaker
  • Happily Ever After: 20 Plots
  • S3: Simple Successful Socially Responsible
  • Think Simple Live Loud
  • What If
  • Values Are the Key