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High Performance Model

High Performance Model

High performance enables you to survive any competitive environment and ensures that you continue to grow and enjoy profit. It also lets you gain happy employees who benefit from HR practices at international standards. With its High Performance Model, Management Centre Türkiye offers comprehensive solutions that are in line with your company’s needs. A corporate climate that is compatible with market conditions, competence that represents job-related development and the skill to monitor it, leadership that can achieve high performance with few resources, and an effectiveness that leads to innovation in products, services, and processes.


  • Understanding and Defining Corporate Culture
  • Improving Employee Loyalty and Motivation
  • Managing and Supporting Change


  • Making Strategy Meaningful
  • Associating Human Resources with Strategy
  • Improving Human Resources in order to Implement Strategy


  • Defining and Identifying Leadership
  • Improving Leadership Capacity
  • Ensuring the Experience


  • Developing and Implementing Competency Models
  • Developing Skills
  • Changing Behaviors

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