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Competency-Based Personalized Training and Development Solutions

Competency-Based Personalized Training and Development Solutions

The Human Resources team of a leading company in the fast-moving consumer goods industry contacted Management Centre Türkiye (MCT) to determine their competency-based training and development requirements and provide personalized training solutions. The target audience was managers and employees in the talent pool.

Management Centre Türkiye (MCT) performed a training and development needs analysis based on data received from the client, such as performance evaluations, employee satisfaction survey results, management feedback, business objectives for the upcoming year and career plans. In addition, Management Centre Türkiye used data obtained from focus meetings and interviews, which were conducted to identify the organization’s needs. Following consolidation of all the data, the competency strengths and improvement areas were defined for employees both at the individual and organizational levels. Personalized training plans were developed based on those defined areas. Each training plan included development activities for a period of six to eight months. The plans were then shared with the employees.

With this study, tangible results were achieved by combining all data related to in-house developments. The results could also be used as a guide as to how to allocate the training budget in line with objectives and needs. This study is a resource for individual development: in addition to defining the individual’s strengths and areas for improvement, it provides the tools and methods for personal advancement.

Manager Development Programs

A long-term training and development program was designed and implemented for one of the leading institutions of the banking industry. The program was intended for managers and management candidates who were selected according to an evaluation process based on institutional competencies.

Learning Center Implementation

A development center was designed and implemented for one of the leading international companies in the fast-moving consumer goods industry. It was intended to create development plans for sales managers and marketing research department employees.