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Common Language, Shared Goals Project

Common Language, Shared Goals Project

To a business, company culture is like cement to a building structure: it binds, holds and is the main element of the building. When the culture is sound and has the right balance, it serves as a guarantee for the company’s continuity.

Aware of this fact, a fast-moving consumer goods company invited Management Centre Türkiye (MCT) to come on board as their consulting team. The company decided to do the following: explore its developing culture, identify the differences between its existing culture and the ideal culture that meets their objectives, and execute development plans that are designed to overcome said differences.

As such, a corporate culture analysis project based on the Denison Model was completed for the first time. In light of the findings, organizational development and learning plans were prepared.

A year later, further studies were conducted to ensure that the organizational culture was adapting to the changing competitive conditions and that the employees were able to adapt themselves to the expected company performance.

Awareness of the four basic human behavior types and the related varying emotional intelligence approaches were instilled in the management team. They also underwent studies on competencies linked to the following: seeing the big picture; developing, prioritizing and planning strategies; problem-solving; decision-making; negotiation skills; and persuasion techniques.

That year, another very important development took place: common corporate goals were defined to solidify and preserve the company’s corporate existence.

Management Centre Türkiye (MCT) consulted on and executed the process. In the meantime, the company’s objective deployment plan was implemented for the purposes of ensuring the participation of all management units and to reveal a clearer picture to all the partners and other stakeholders. MCT consultants interviewed each manager individually and received their input on which objectives should be deployed across the company. In line with the management’s input and based on the fundamental deployment criteria they determined, Management Centre Türkiye (MCT) consultants developed an objective deployment plan. All these steps have contributed to the company’s survival in the ever-changing competitive conditions.