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Change and Engagement Solutions

Change and Engagement Solutions

This is a training, facilitation and consultation solution that aims to ensure cohesion through an organization’s cultural change by putting company strategy and the people-relationship dimensions at the center of the dialogue.

With an organization’s completion of the Change and Engagement Solutions journey, it is aimed to create a roadmap for the creation of a common language, the working up enthusiasm and excitement.

Our Solutions:

Evaluating Corporate Culture and Engagement

  • The existing culture is evaluated according to the Denison Corporate Culture Model. The desired future in the cultural aspect is defined and reported.
  • The results of the organizations engagement analysis obtained from internal and external sources is evaluated, interpreted and reported.

Model for Defining Strategic Direction, Mission, Vision and Values

  • This is a facilitation and consultation solution that creates a road map for an organizations strategic priorities.
  • This is a facilitation and consultation solution that determines and models an organization’s particular mission, vision and values specific to an organization.

Change and Engagement Programs

  • Change Management Program
  • Engagement Program
  • Values Deployment Program