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Aziz Emre Günel

Aziz Emre Günel

Group CEO

“It has been really very long time since the time when Socrates told the world that “The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.” The time has simply justified this doctrine more and more with every passing day. The wiser I am the more meaningful this philosophy becomes and at Management Centre Türkiye (MCT), I am constantly learning some new things, constantly sharing them and constantly adding value to the development of people thanks to an endless source of energy. While I try to grasp the depths of my potential, I also try to grow thanks to their inspiration. My only wish for all of you is to realize and release our potential free in every single opportunity that we come across in life… All of us…deeper and deeper and the further and further as we can go together…”

Aziz Emre Günel graduated from Bilkent University Faculty of Business Administration in 1995. Having launched his career as the Sales Engineer at Lever Endustriyel, Günel worked at different regions and positions for seven years only to be transferred to Frito Lay / PepsiCo by the end of that term. He was deployed there at various positions at Sales Operations Department, Regional Sales Department, Marketing Group Product Unit, National Sales and Exports Department and Traditional Channel Sales Department for 8 years in total, and he worked as the designer and trained in Sales Capability Development Project under the supervision of PepsiCo London Office for 2 years. Most recently, Günel was a Sales Director at Mondelez International Turkey between 2012 and 2015.

Thanks to his 20-year experience in total in sales and marketing fields in B2B and Fast Moving Consumer Goods sectors, he focused on business models over mobile commerce and Internet, and he has proceeded with his sectoral works as a founder in an application called “asktrology” on the heels of his role as a founder partner of “getir” following his position as an investor in a project. In addition to these projects, he was admitted to the “Entrepreneur Mentor” program designed by TUBITAK (Scientific and Technological Research Centre of Turkey) and is currently at the service of those companies as a mentor in the fields of corporate strategy and management philosophy.

Owing to his deep insight and knowledge about business, his entrepreneurial spirit, leadership characteristic and action-focused approach, Günel makes his best efforts to add value and support the personal and capability development of individuals, and he had the particular opportunity at PepsiCo to experience his such approaches as a trainer at international platforms.

Aziz Emre is one of the investors of BiTaksi.

Areas of Speciality

Team Management and Development
Change Management
Creativeness in Practice
Entrepreneurial spirit
Sales competencies

Current Areas of Interest:

Trying to gain a foothold as a founder in the software and application world, Günel supports medium and small sized companies to gain a strategic and corporate insight for their needs in addition to his Entrepreneurial Mentorship.