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Agile Corporations

Agile Corporations

Alper Utku
President of Board of Directors

kitap_3In this book, the success strategies of ‘agile’ corporations are analyzed. It explains how to change people, technology, processes, structure, and culture in order to become an agile corporation. Tom Buzan and Michael Gelb, the famous authors of the world of management, have provided their special opinions for the book. Management authorities like Acar Baltas and Arman Kirim, and attack practitioners like Ahmet N. Zorlu have explained their recommendations. Causes, symptoms and solutions of corporate inertia, and the strategies of ‘inertia-evader’ leaders are all in this book. Stimulating suggestions to beat corporate inertia are also included in the book.

    “Punish the one who does not do anything, more than the one who makes a mistake.”

    “Keep your hopes high, and your expenses low.”;

    “Every work experience has an expiration date.”

Business life is getting faster. You are either going to be one of those who kick up a dust, or those who swallow it. Choice is yours!