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A Study on Organizational Change and Strategic Direction

A Study on Organizational Change and Strategic Direction

The marketing and branding team of one of the leading banks of the Turkish banking industry came to Management Centre Türkiye (MCT) with the purpose of repositioning their market-leading credit card brand. The team also wanted to make sure that they perceive this change process accurately in order to implement the strategy. The target audience was every manager associated with the brand.

In light of data obtained from a training and development needs analysis performed together with the bank’s core project team, Management Centre Türkiye (MCT) consultants prepared a custom program. The project phases were designed so that the managers could convey the information to the field in stages.

The most critical step of the study was to bring together all the managers for a two-day meeting. With the contribution of the bank’s project team, Management Centre Türkiye (MCT) consultants communicated the significance of the repositioning and the change process to the participants in an interactive environment.

After two days of taking part in group studies, trend presentations, creative activities, DVD sessions, live music and workshops, the participants were able to recognize change, understand their responsibilities and contributions, define their action plans and take ownership of the new concept. Interactive communications with all the participants took place both prior to and after the two-day sessions in order to ensure cohesive thinking on the topic.

With this study, tangible results of equal perception, adoption and application by the entire team were obtained on the new innovation of a market-leading company going through the process of organizational change. The study serves as a reference point, which represents the relationship between strategic internal communications and the team’s success in change management and innovation. It also provides related tools and methods.